Cap's coins - part II

A small wrap-up of what you may have or may not have seen changing over the last weeks.

Select coins of interest

The day is here. You can finally select your favorite coins yourself to add them to the ticker or to plot them. Btw, added Iota.

Finally, USD is here

Choose your preferred quote currency in the drop-down above. Yes, USD is there. And %, which conveniently shows you a market cap's percentage of any coin. Try it out and see which price jumps are due to the total crypto market cap moving, or due to big news for a specific asset.

Historical data

Historical price data is now present for all assets, not only assets that are available on kraken.

On the fly charts

The charting code needed some love, which was given. Charts are rendered only when they're needed, instead of pre-rendering them all at load. Much faster, yes indeed. You'll also see more smooth transitions. And you can drag them on mobile.

Experimental: real-time charts

One of the side-effects of the chart rewrite is that they now show realtime data: every 5 minutes they're updated with latest price and news. Goodbye page refreshes!