Cap's coins

Cap's coins

Goodbye kraken, hello coinmarketcap

In the early morning of January 11, kraken started a long awaited system upgrade. For months, its website, its API and the patience of its users hit timeouts more often than not, while weekly messages from the headquarters promised upgrades and better times ahead. What was supposed to be a smooth upgrade to a new trading engine, with a downtime of a few hours, took more than two days.

By complete coincidence, I had started working on a data importer for coinmarketcap earlier that day. Historically, sprout has been built as a POC around kraken, offering more features on portfolio and trading, and while nowadays only a basic portfolio is still supported, all the charting was still done on data from kraken trading pairs. As time went by, the limited selection on trading pairs, the discrepancy in price and volume with other trading platforms and the strange way kraken named the trading pairs internally, resulted in many hacks and hardcodings, inducing a big overhaul.

The complete train wreck that was kraken's system upgrade made the scope of this overhaul a lot larger, but it proved very worthwhile.
(Ironically, kraken's API is behaving a lot more stable now...) With the motto "release early, release often", this is not visible for you straight away, but bear with me the next weeks for more featuristic goodies!

Hello total market cap

To start, the initial landing page shows all crypto news combined with the total market cap charts, instead of all your enabled pairs. This is providing a much clearer first look at the current state of the crypto markets. For now, comparing different trading pairs is not possible anymore, but from your feedback this was not something you cared about very much anyway.

Hello 5m charts

For you crypto freaks, a new interval has been added to the charts: 5 minutes, and this time with real data instead of fat hourly bars. Ideal to look at current news in more detail.

Unified news

Speaking about news, the two reading modes (news and discussions) have disappeared. You get to see a merged feed with "real news" on top, other news, discussions, memes and spam below.

Hello BAT & siacoin

Yep, still to be requested manually. Also, no volumes yet for these assets.