Festivity fixes

Festivity fixes

No major changes this time, just some tweaks and beta features to keep you happy.

Faster news charts

Better indexing on our database makes news charts load twice as fast! On the other hand, text search is disabled for now as it is still dead slow. There's some more database changes in the pipeline so expect more speed improvements over the next weeks.

5m charts in beta

Experimental charts with 5 minute intervals. Ping me to see them!

Fast-foward reading mode

To catch up on discussions you've read before, click fast-forward () to show only new posts.

As always, lots of small fixes

  • fix broken lines connecting news to price
  • fix failing wordclouds freezing the browser (it wasn't mining
    Monero! ;)
  • better defaults for charting window, avoiding distorted charts in
    some browsers