by Bubble Punk

They're here, the MNPI: Much Needed Performance Improvements,
or, what some Englishmen like to pronounce as "the speeeeeeeeed".

While developing, I have noticed the app is susceptible to a plucky portion of induced demand: every time I'm proud to say the interface has just become a lot faster or more easily navigable, the first obvious thing to note is that the back-end can't follow.

Last time's improvements were no exception: zooming out quickly meant you had to wait for ages for news to appear. The culprit on the back-end was the calculation of item scores and activity. Those scores are dependent on all discussions on a certain item, so while filling charts with, let's say 30 items, still thousands of items needed to be fetched from our database.

The theoretical fix for the back-end was easy: use cached scores instead of fetching whole discussion trees and only recalculating things when needed. However, upon implementation, it introduced a lot more edge case bugs than expected.

Going from "stable, but slow", to "fast, but buggy" was easy, but the trenches of development hell needed to be crossed to end up at "stable and fast!"

More fixes

  • Fixed 'undefined' in titles on page load.
  • Fixed chart not opening news item on page load.
  • Fixed out-of-bound items.
  • Fixed impossibility to zoom in on Firefox.
  • Reduced amount of price chart ticks on small screens.
  • Fixed missing /BTC and /ETH quoted asset pairs.
  • Fixed irrelevant news items reappearing after being hidden.
  • Fixed missing prices or price charts after server reloads.
  • Fixed price charts not covering complete area on mobile devices.