"On this Day in Ethereum" workflow

You may have read one of my "On this Day" posts about Ethereum, in the daily discussions on popular subreddit /r/ethfinance, or on twitter via @0xZeroTricks.
Read on to know how I create these #OnThisDays.

šŸ¤– Historical data: eth-archive.xyz

The first part is automated: I use eth-archive.xyz to see the top news and discussions about Ethereum for a given day.

Ethereum's top news items for 16 January 2020, as compiled automatically by eth-archive

If you want to find out how exactly this list is compiled, have a look at this infographic ā†“

Behind the Charts
If you wonder how eth-archive.xyz collects and selects news, read on.

šŸ‘€ The Human Eye

Starting from the list above, I select the most interesting events that are about Ethereum's technology, adoption, research, development, government, regulation,...
This is where the articles actually meet the human eye. Items about price and technical analysis are ignored. (After a year they seem even more ridiculous than at the time.)
Although I aim to be as objective and as little opinionated as possible, note that there will always be some bias here.

A special shout out goes to Evan Van Ness and Andrew B Coathup. Their excellent lists on weekinethereumnews.com have been a perfect source to cross-check my own selections. Please subscribe to their mailing list if you haven't done so!

Then, it's time to clean up this selection:

  • I double-check the times of publication, and update them if needed.
  • I link items together that are talking about the same event (if they were not linked automatically).
  • I rewrite or adapt the items' titles into a uniform format.
Items are double-checked, some are selected and editorialized.

Finally, I add a lighthearted comment on Ethereum's price action for the day. No magic here, data comes straight from CoinMarketCap and the synapse activity randomness in my brain. I stitch the multiple years together into one big post and, if I am ahead of time, I schedule it for publishing later. Otherwise I post it straight away.

That's it! Reporting on Ethereum's history one day at a time.

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