Towards an intuitive UI

Towards an intuitive UI

From speed improvements over to some visible changes that came along with the UI rewrite.

"Bubbles": see concise info on news items

Instead of being immediately redirected to the original article, post or tweet upon clicking items in the chart, you will now be presented with what we internally refer to as a "bubble": a concise overview on the news item. This allows for a smoother user experience where you can see an item's score, content and top discussions. Clicking on the bubble or comments will take you to the source.

See the most useful info on a news event and access the articles or discussions of interest.

Embedded youtube videos

Pannable charts

Charts are now pannable, fulfilling a long standing, popular feature request. No smooth zooming yet though... On the topic of smoothness, precaching happens for responsive panning. This also reduces the "recent activity wave" in discussion streams, that was mentioned here.


  • Fix "ghost candles": large imaginary price jumps charted for
    assets with big price difference between CoinMarketCap and Kraken.
  • Sort coins based on CoinMarketCap's rank.
  • Removed many quirks in ticker panel.
  • Fix failing page loads in cases with unreliable connections.