Quarrying for quality

Quarrying for quality

Today marks the end of the meme era! Only quality news posts shall occupy sprout charts! Memes will be banned from the hallways of always!

"Selecting" news articles

Although the problem of non-news occupying the charts was known and partly dealt with before, the quest for better news quality charts was not fulfilled. At the moment, there's most often not enough (meta-) data about posts and articles to make an automated guess, so we needed a manual approach for now. However:

  • preferring news from certain sites is subjective
  • a white-list approach (only selecting a few) won't give a complete
  • a black-list approach won't avoid the endless stream of spam and
  • how to keep things scalably fast?

Enter news & discussion modes

For now, we solve this by having two options in the app: news reading mode
(default) and discussion mode. Use the former to get a quick glance and read a selection of news sources. For more general discussions, and your daily dose of memes, select the latter: it will show the unfiltered discussions like before (including the occasional news article that didn't show up in news mode). We will see how it evolves from here, we have some ideas to improve this (ie. a more hybrid, weighted view). We're open to suggestions!

For reference: selected news sources at the moment:

  • coindesk.com
  • cointelegraph.com
  • coinspectator.com
  • reuters.com
  • cnbc.com
  • github.com
  • btcmanager.com
  • trustnodes.com
  • theguardian.com
  • bitcoin.com
  • bitcoin.org
  • bitcoinmagazine.com
  • forbes.com
  • cryptobible.io
  • bloomberg.com
  • csnews.io
  • wsj.com

Btw, LTC was added. Still not possible to manually select it (working on that...) so ping me to enable them for your account. Same goes for ETC, ZEC & XRP.