Welcome to pwr.news!

Welcome to pwr.news!

sprout.host becomes pwr.newsbeta

Welcome to the all shiny and new pwr.news! With the name change comes a fresh layout, clearer charts, less clutter and more information. Some highlights:

Total Crypto Market Cap as a first-class citizen

We constantly strive to provide a simple overview of the total crypto market. A quick glance on the current state of crypto without going into specific coins is something I personally like to check upon. This is now possible by selecting "Total crypto cap" in the ticker.

Watch the total crypto market cap and all the news that's happening in crypto space.

The Total Crypto Cap can also be used to show the dominance of a cryptocurrency. Select "%" instead of € or $ in the dropdown mentu to show the relative market cap of a coin. This is often useful the show the action of a certain coin, independent of what the whole crypto market is doing.

Looking at BTC's market dominance instead of its fiat price can help assess news impact.

Discussion streams: show news activity over time

Ever wondered how long it takes for news to hit the masses, or for how long people talk about it? You can see this now by enabling Discussion Streams in your settings. (You may have to reload your browser). An extra indicator will appear: it will show the activity of the visible news items over time.

A news item generates social activity in the hours after. Discussion streams help you estimate this activity.

Activity streams are still in beta. If you enable them, please be aware that only activity is shown of the charted news items, and only of news for which we have this data. On other words: - The total activity stream is not the total activity in a coin's space. - Current activity of news that happened just before the visible area may be missing. Because of this, a "recent activity wave" pattern may appear: the "now" always looks more active than the recent past.

We are working on alleviating these quirks, as well as an indicator showing the total activity. However, we already like the insights the activity streams can bring and are eager to hear what you think of them!

More goodies

  • The night mode () is now available for everyone!
  • Coin icons are shown in news items.
  • Lots of mobile fixes.