Twitching tweets

Twitching tweets

Full Twitter support

Proving api rule nr1 once more, Twitter is ending the life of its streaming API. To be honest, the quality of tweets gathered by our Twitter crawler was not something to be proud of anyway: it was listening to tweets mentioning certain tags (ie "ethereum"), resulting in an enormous heap of spam and retweets, without actually getting any sane discussions. Most of you, our dearest app users, didn't even realise we were getting data from twitter as most of this spam was hidden in the charts anyway. So with Twitter's dropped functionality, it was the right time to fix our Twitter feed once and for all. (our at least, till API's break again).

As some of you have noticed already, tweets have started to appear a lot more in the charts since this week. Our new data crawler will fetch activity from a large selection of influential minds in the crypto space, and a secondary crawler will gather activity (such as retweets, replies,...) around main topics. Once fetched, our existing system of resolving links, replies and calculating topics scores, takes care of the rest. Actually, we are so satisfied with the results, we can now say Twitter has become a featured data source. We are confident that our Twitter feed has a clear sense of what's going on in Twitter's public crypto hallways, in the same way we have that confidence in our Reddit feeds. This does not mean we pretend to reach 100% coverage, which would be very hard.

Looking at raw numbers, although fewer tweets are picked up by the system (we went from ~60k/day to ~5k/day), we now are fetching many more relevant discussions. This helps us selecting more relevant news as well: the overlap between data from Reddit and Twitter, linking to the same external news sources, provides us with a better way of seeing what is really important and what is not.

In the pocket

New coins for everyone! Added support for EOS, OmiseGo, Cardano, Neo, Dash, and 0x. Speaking about coins, can a shitcoin be considered a ... craptocurrency...? I'll let myself out.

Meanwhile, work is continued on the shiny new interface, mainly to make it mobile.